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Konilo is a small, pragmatic personal computing system written in Forth and running on a tiny virtual computer. A complete system consists of an ilo vm, an image file ("rom") with the Konilo system, and a set of blocks for storage of code and data.


  • dual stack architecture
  • 64k cells of word addressed (32-bit) memory
  • 30 instructions, four instructions per word
  • block based data storage
  • direct threaded forth
  • includes block editors, tools, and documentation
  • low minimum physical system requirements (tested on a system with 384k RAM and a 16-bit host CPU)


Individual Files



Konilo and ilo are open source. Read the license.

Baremetal Konilo

Konilo can be run without an underlying OS. Currently supported systems are:

Development is supported by a wonderful set of people on patreon.

My thanks to Kiyoshi Yoneda, Lobo, yoyofreeman, Dave S, Octavio Turra, oneearedrabbit, Tobias Amman, Nuno, Eli, Brad S, Bartels Jon Randy, Scott McCallum, Rick, and BurnedOut for their generous support over the last few years.